Peter Broitman, paintings with historical and political references

Peter began painting full time in 2012 after thirty-one years working as an attorney for the United States Department of Labor prosecuting employers for labor law violations. On the way to getting his law degree, Peter studied figurative sculpture and art history at Hartford Art School, and studied figurative sculpture, drawing and art history at S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook. While at Stony Brook, Peter studied under the sculptor George Koras, assistant to the sculptor Jacques Lipchitz (1891 – 1973). More recently, Peter studied figurative sculpture and painting at the Lill Street Art Center in Chicago under the sculptor Sergio Ceron and the painter Bob Horn.

Peter paints in bold colors on large canvases. Peter’s subject matter is often whimsical and several of his paintings include both historical as well as political references.

Peter’s father was a painter (figurative and abstract) who went to Cooper Union Art School in the late 1930s. Peter grew up in a house filled with his father’s paintings and his teenage and young adult years were spent discussing art and the artistic process with him. After his father passed away too early in 1984, Peter continued his discussions about art and the artistic process with his two daughters who are artists in their own right.

Peter has been in several group and solo shows throughout Chicago and several of his paintings have won awards. Peter’s paintings are in multiple private collections in Chicago.
Peter Broitman
Dec 27, 2020

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