The living model, the naked body of a woman…


ARDOR – 48″ x 36″, acrylic on canvas – A.D. Cook

The living model, the naked body of a woman, is the privileged seat of feeling, but also of questioning?

The model must mark you, awaken in you an emotion which you seek in turn to express.

Henri Matisse

When an artist or student draws a nude figure with painstaking care, the result is drawing, and not emotion.

Henri Matisse

The nude, if you tackle it, is a very fascinating subject, especially for a woman.

Isabel Bishop


LUX – mixed-media – A.D. Cook

Traditionally the Nude was used to express formulations about life as larger-than-life, as Heroic or Ideal? The nude is not a genre subject.

Isabel Bishop

Painting figures is the hardest, certainly the most taxing genre, and you have to be the most on your game.

If you have significant drawing problems, the figure will fall apart and it will read wrong emotionally.

Jacob Collins

Nakedness reveals itself. Nudity is placed on display. The nude is condemned to never being naked. Nudity is a form of dress.

John Berger


SOLITAIRE – 24 x 72″, acrylic on canvas – A.D. Cook

To be naked is to be oneself. To be nude is to be seen naked by others and yet not recognized for oneself.

John Berger

It matters not what kind of figure-pictures he (the artist) wishes to paint, he will never be able to draw the figure properly, whether draped or otherwise, unless he has gone through a preliminary course of study from the nude.

John Collier

Being naked approaches being revolutionary; going barefoot is mere populism.

John Updike

Art is about showing and seeing: to show that which is concealed, to see what was veiled, is fundamentally gripping.

Jonathan Jones

In celebration of the female nude, I’ve assembled a selection of great quotes about beauty and the nakedness of women, their role as Muse and their eternal contribution to the arts. I’ve sprinkled a few of my paintings to express my appreciation for the muse in the best way I know how.

A. D. Cook
Guest blog by artist A. D. Cook
Nov 15, 2014

2 thoughts on “The living model, the naked body of a woman…”

  1. I am searching for an artist who is passionate about the magnificence of the nude female. My search is for one who can do justice to the beauty of my wife.
    Help would be appreciated

    1. We have hundreds of artists who interpret the human form, the naked beauty. Just wander around. Check out our Pinterest Board, We have artists in every medium and style who adore capturing the beauty of the naked female and males too. I hope you enjoy wandering through our art site. We are in the process of creating a selling side where you might be able to find things for sale more readily but to commission something, please contact the artists.

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