New British Painting, Helsinki through August 8

New British Painting, curated by Zavier Ellis and Pilvi Kalhama, Gallery Kalhama & Pippo Contemporary, Helsinki. Through August 8, 2010.

In ArtForum Timo Valjakka considers a show called "New British Painting in Helsinki and suggests that here are different kinds of newness. "Among them is the paradigmatic newness of something taking place for the first time, or of something that rewrites history. But there is also the newness that appears new only because it goes against whatever immediately preceded it. 'New British Painting,' an exhibition curated by Zavier Ellis and Pilvi Kalhama, belongs to the latter category. The six artists participating here share a denial of many of the values characteristic of the works of the YBAs and their contemporaries: a theoretical or conceptual foundation, large scale, and the cult of the artist as celebrity.
Read whole article by Sharon L. Butler.
July 5, 2010

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