Melissa Weinman, water as metaphor

Water is a metaphor for the subconscious as well as the stream of life. The recent group of paintings titled JOURNEY are metaphorical images about the journey of life and depict figures and horses moving through water. The horse is a companion or guide with instinctual knowledge accompanying sojourners traveling through the various stages of life. The figures in the narrative carry things, some of which are useful and others which are not. In JOURNEY: CROSSING the soul is either unaware of what is in his right hand (a material or emotional strap) or is unwilling to let go of it. In the tradition of western painting space is time made visual. In these paintings the deep space represents the past or future and is characterized by the changing weather in that space.

I often work in series. Although my subjects vary, I gravitate towards the figure, translucent objects, water, clouds, and reflections of all kinds. They all have an exquisite way of reacting to light and mutate or change from moment to moment, creating a sense of urgency in the painting process.

My oil painting methods are traditional, without the use of solvents. My technique and compositional strategies are classical, but not without innovation.
Melissa Weinman
Jan 12, 2013

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