MEAM, contemporary figurative art museum, Barcelona

I was lucky enough to visit Barcelona in March. Having visited Barcelona’s major Gaudi sites on our last visit in 2009, we spent this short 3 day visit just noodling around with no major objectives except to visit the MEAM, museum of contemporary figurative art which was well worth the trip! Housed in a lovely smallish palace, there are about 270 pieces from 200 artists, most of which feature the human form and condition in styles from chunky sculpture to ultra smooth almost airbrushed highly photographic work which actually leaves me hunger for more traces of the hand of the maker. I respect them but would not wish to live with such highly finished work as it seems to leave nothing left to the viewer but to admire its perfection.
“The European Museum of Modern Art, MEAM, exhibits the finest Contemporary Figurative Art. It is owned by The Foundation of Arts and Artists, and the purpose is to promote and diffuse Figurative Art of the 20th and 21st Centuries. The Foundation?s claim is to find a new contemporary language without denying tradition by progressing into the new Century. Moreover, the Foundation of Arts and Artists, organizes each year the Figurativas Painting and Sculpture Awards, and with the wesbite Figurativas en Red opens a window with the artworks of the Contemporary Figurative artists.”
June 1, 2013
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