Lucia Horakova, where time stands still

My paintings are telling mainly about relationship that shares human to human as well as the human to planet. They represent the story of the Earth and people, their lives at the river shores, originated in a time when the Earth and human didn’t form such separated units yet. Embodied temperament intertwined with aspects of nature, that resulted from an unbreakable connection with the natural foundation, form the primary base of the roots of the human species. I’m trying to capture those places that are still keeping their wild character.

I am constantly working on the collection called “UP TO THE EDGE OF THE WORLD”. This theme is about places where time stands still. You can go back in time and further up to the primeval forest. If you go through the mountains to the east, you will discover an area, a large space, which hides an unrepeatable secret, protected from a modern human.

It reminds once solidarity between man and nature.
Hardly reachable terrain and lack of opportunities have left the authenticity of the wild, indomitable and raw landscape.
I’m always watching the areas covered with trees, the network of rivers, and the life of animals because they still haven’t acquired their own sufficient rights.

Danube and Morava are rivers that form the border between Slovakia and the Czech republic. They are symbolic to me. They share similarities like two nations, they live their own history, but at some point in time, they connect and flow as one river. The river crosses through widespread territories, where from the beginning it brings life to vegetation, animals, and people.

Character of people, as it is for plants and animals living in certain areas, is closely linked to the nature and places in which they grow up. Structure of each country forms the character of the nation to some extent. Czech Republic and Slovakia – two countries, two rivers, two nations, two areas.

My intention is to pass aspects of history and nature onto the oil painting because photography or text records and captures “only what is seen”, whereas the painting gives “a new picture” which didn’t appear anywhere in the world.
Art, of any kind, is able by sensory transmission to awake emotional experience in human. Personal fragments of the story of each individual join together in one comprehensible whole at that moment. Through that, it is possible to comprehend many things. Having knowledge about something doesn’t mean just yet to be aware.
Lucia Horakova