Kimberly J Burnett, a very interesting website format

I decided to start blogging this year. For years my brother had been telling me to start a blog about my art, and finally I decided to. I thought, for myself, it would be nice to have a written account of my art life. On my blog you can find links to works by my favorite artists, my thoughts on art, and of course, my own art. I try to do a lot of step-by-steps of my drawings and paintings, because I know that is one of my favorite things to see on other artists' blogs and websites. In addition to my blog posts, I have permanent pages featuring my paintings and drawings.

My artwork is representational, and I mostly paint the human figure and face. I also love painting animals. For my oil paintings, I usually use a glazing technique to build up the colors. I find the end result to be richer than a direct painting technique. My charcoals are done on old cardboard boxes. The color of the cardboard is a perfect medium tone to bring out a full range of values. It's also a way of reusing old materials to make something new.
Kimberly J Burnett
Jun 16, 2012

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