From Cradle to Grave, slideshow on aging

From Cradle to Grave
Click on the movie title to see the full width of images, darn it not sure why it appears cut off.

Images were collected over many months and then finally edited down to the difficult final cut for this themed slideshow on aging. Contemporary international figurative artists capture key moments in painting, sculpture, ceramics, textiles and mixed media. Thank you so much to all the artists whose works did or did not make it to past the editing room floor!

Instead of music, this show features sounds carefully laced in and that was a very interesting process itself. Image below shows different tracks of sounds arranged over the images in iMovie. I watched this project grow and come into its fullness over many months, just like bringing a whole wonderful canvas forth into the world. When I felt it was finished and perfect, I let it sit on the easel for a few days, just like a painting, sneaking in to watch it at different times of the day and tweaking it minutely until I was sure it captured exactly what I wanted it to say before putting my signature to it.

I hope you will enjoy it and if you do, we'd love to hear back from you. Please pass it along to friends and family.
xxxxx Paula
YouTube link, in case you need it
May 2, 2012

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