Francisco Sepulveda, bold rich paintings

Francisco Sepulveda

Francisco Sepulveda is a very dynamic bold painter working in France.

b-Fransisco Sepulveda

His works were featured in June 2010 AZART magazine Post Options. Check out his colorful site and rich paintings.
Francisco Sepulveda
Dec 23, 2010

2 thoughts on “Francisco Sepulveda, bold rich paintings”

  1. I absolutely love these paintings by Sepulveda! Bold, colourful, primitive, powerful! Ive been asked to teach a summer week-long workshop at an art school here in Edinburgh and Ive chosen to investigate Primitivism in portraiture. Sepulvedas work will definitely be showing up in some of my slide show presentations. Great site Paula, keep up the good work!

  2. I just loved these when I found this artist last year in AZART magazine. Glad to hear he will fit in with your workshop. Sometimes a simpler voice can make a stronger statement than a more highly polished one.

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