Figures On The Coast

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Coming next to GPAG, Gibsons Public Art Gallery, in Gibsons, BC. Nine painters and one terrific sculptor with a love of the human form. This is the first large figurative show that I am coordinating.
Ann-Marie Brown256_v2
Ann-Marie Brown Encaustics
Jana Curll256
Jana Curll Whimsical paintings.
Watercolors and oil paintings, portraits & nudes, canvas with rope embellishment creating a stained glass effect.
Jack Gibson256
Jack Gibson
Fine sculpture cast in bronze. Nudes and costumed figures. A great opportunity to see this Halfmoon Bay artist down the Coast here in Gibsons.
Paula O'Brien
Paula O’Brien
Oil paintings with a sense of drama from yours truly. I have been busy in the studio!
Jan Poynter
Paintings of figures in landscapes and streetscapes.
Cindy Riach

Portraits and nude studies in oils.
Brian Romer
Portraits and nudes painted on masonite.
Noel Silver
Paintings on canvas.
Maurice Spira
Portraits and his bold graphic paintings.
Jan 23, 2013
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