Drawings of people, figure drawing, life drawing, fine art figurative drawing

Dirk Dzimirsky

Dirk Dzimirsky Germany Website: dzimirsky.com Art Medium: hyper-realism drawing, painting Technique: Pencil, charcoal on paper or canvas, oil on canvas

Heather Brewster

Heather Brewster Website: heatherbrewster.com Art Medium: painting  

Austyn Taylor

Austyn Taylor Mendocino, CA, USA Website: austyntaylor.com Art Medium: drawing, sculpture, ceramics Technique: Hand built one of a kind works sculpted from a variety of materials.

Lauren Amalia Redding

Lauren Amalia Redding Queens, NY, USA Website: laurenredding.com Art Medium: painting, portraits. drawing, metalpoint Technique: Primary medium is that of metalpoint, a pre-Renaissance drawing technique where works are built up through non-eraseable hatchmarks on a gessoed surface, using a stylus with a wire of silver or other precious metal.

Philippe Caspar

Philippe Caspar France Website: philippecaspar.wixsite.com/sculpt Art Medium: painting, drawing, portraits

David Mayernik

David Mayernik Tuscany, Italy Website: davidmayernik.com Art Medium: painting, drawing, portrait painting Statement The classical art of the Renaissance tradition is rooted in drawing. It is this fundamental skill that allows the painter to design buildings, the designer to sculpt, the craftsman to compose. Opera sets, frescoes for theaters and churches, painted doors and frame …

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Toni Armstrong

Toni Armstrong Okere Falls, New Zealand Website: toni-armstrong.com Facebook: toniarmstrongart Instagram: toniartstrong Art Medium: painting, drawing, portraits   When I am working in abstract, I tend to have a theme that is current in mind. I find objects that reflect that thought and disassemble and reassemble using shapes. It is very organic and when it …

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Bill Harrison

Bill Harrison Chicago, IL, USA Website: williamharrisonartist.com Art Medium: drawing Technique: Charcoal pencil portraits, Hyper-realistic life-sized charcoal pencil portraits