Art Crawl, Sunshine Coast 2014

Please drop in and visit on the Art Crawl!

I'm #17 on the art map at 504 Sargent Road, Gibsons, just the next street up from the Arts Building. Walk up the foot trail between South Fletcher and Sargent or drive up.

By popular demand the 2014 Sunshine Coast Art Crawl will be open 10:00am-5:00pm all three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 17-19.

Travel along the entire Sunshine Coast Highway from Langdale to Lund or Lund to Langdale. It is a chance to meet the artists in their studios and experience the vibrant arts and culture community on the Sunshine Coast as you follow brochure maps, directional signs, smart phone maps and other Crawlers from Langdale to Powell River.

I will be exhibiting my colourful figurative oil paintings, many of which feature young dancers in our community from my involvement with The Nutcracker and the Dance Adjudication last Spring.

There will also be some plein air sketches and travel paintings... well as some of my art textiles and wearable art.

There will be nice things to nibble and enjoy.

I'm looking forward to having you visit!


Paula O'Brien
Oct 18, 2014

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