Amy Pleasant, painting from vintage photos

My work deals with time, memory and generational transition. I am currently working from a box I received from a woman who had inherited them from her great aunt who had passed away. She recognized no one in any of the photos. It contained over 200 photos spanning the marriage of one couple, the Coolidges. I have only their name and know that they raised their family in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. I have created bookend paintings of their wedding day and their 50th anniversary party and have portrayed those moments "in between". I chose carefully among the dozens of images as I propose that this anonymous family stand in by for those who go about the quiet business of life where the truly definitive moments take place routinely. The small moments between the big events of life go unrecognized, but are often the ones infused with integrity and grace. I am now looking for the Coolidges, hoping to located their descendants to return these artifacts to the family.
Amy Pleasant
May 16, 2012

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