A Day in The Life by Amy Bernays


A Day in The Life by Amy Bernays
Strippers are much prettier than your average life-drawing model. But drawing in there is like playing a really hard computer game. The expert gamer, having left the room after getting up to the hardest level, passes you the controls. It’s dark, they move really fast, and sometimes they are upside-down.

Downtown Los Angeles is schizophrenic. There are grand old buildings with ornate exterior moldings, ostentatious ex-bank buildings that are now converted to night clubs. LA plays New York in most TV shows and commercials. Downtown is populated by the homeless, dragging their card board condos; toothless, limping crack junkies from the eighties and my favorite, a pirate bum who actually says ‘aagh’. Then on the second Thursday of each month, thousands of hipsters in haircuts from the west side and beyond come to see the Art. Read full article.
Oct 18, 2010

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